Enrollment & Tuition

Keystone High School students learn the valuable skills of self-advocacy and independent learning as they earn credits towards their high school diploma.  Not every student comes to Keystone ready to take responsibility for their own learning, so Keystone offers orientation materials, tutorials, tips, and instructional support to help them get there.

Both part-time/supplementary high school students and a full-time/diploma-seeking students, have access to certified supportive teachers, relevant and standards-based curriculum, and a wealth of support resources to ensure success.

We understand that each child's needs and goals are different. That's why we offer the option of enrolling in a full-time curriculum package or in individual courses to supplement a traditional school or homeschool curriculum.

Full Time Enrollment

New full-time students are automatically enrolled in our free Strong Start program to get them off to a good start at Keystone.  The Resource and Orientation Center for Keystone (ROCK) provides tutorials and resources to support students, information about clubs and activities such as  Science Club, Book Club, Photography Club, Keystone Helping Hands, and our new Keystone Leadership Society, which all provide students with opportunities for extracurricular activities and interaction with other Keystone students.   Ultimately, full-time students earn an Accredited High School Diploma from Keystone and go on to the next phase of their lives, whether to college or directly into a career.  Keystone's Guidance Services Resource Center and certified Guidance Counselor are focused on guiding students through their course sequencing in high school and preparing students for that next phase of their lives after High School.


Part Time Enrollment

Part-time students typically have access to extracurricular activities and college guidance at their school of record, but they also have full access to the ROCK for orientation materials to support their success at Keystone.  Homeschool students who are supplementing traditional homeschool curriculum with Keystone courses are welcome to participate in clubs and activities and to take advantage of the college guidance that Keystone provides.


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