k12 international academy


An accredited, online private school for grades K–12

  • Students earn a U.S. high school diploma while using award-winning K¹² curriculum 
  • Extensive, individualized academic and counseling support keep students on track 
  • Students socialize with others around the world through online clubs, field trips, and other activities 
  • Program flexibility allows students to explore their passions 
  • Top Up, full-time and part-time options are available 

An Individualized Journey—With a Team of Support

At K¹² International Academy, we're all about potential. In fact, we surround students in our Lower, Middle, and Upper schools with a team of committed teachers, counselors, Account Managers and SEC's (Student Experience Coordinators) to ensure they reach their true potential. Parents and "Learning Coaches" are surrounded, too, with extensive support so they never feel alone.

We're also focused on the individual. With each student, we develop an Individualized Learning Plan, a multi-year personalized learning strategy. And that team we mentioned—teachers, counselors, account managers and SEC's? Well, they monitor that plan to make sure your student reaches all of his or her goals.

Along the way, we want to help rekindle the innate joy for learning that all students have—whether through the engaging, award-winning curriculum and its hundreds of courses or the school's vital social community.

We're so gratified by what we hear from students and parents about the difference that K¹² International Academy has made in their lives on the way toward exciting careers and prestigious colleges and universities around the globe.



Leslie Smith

I'm delighted to introduce you to K12 International Academy—a fully accredited, U.S. diploma-granting, private online school for grades K-12